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A curious mind might veer off a planned course, but if you’re like Michael Shannon (BBA ’80) and take the new path offered, success can follow. Michael Shannon, the 2015 Wisconsin School... Read More

Wisconsin and The Consortium: A Parade of Firstsby: Kurt Greenbaum of The ConsortiumThursday, June 2, 2016

Consortium founder Sterling Schoen, left, greets James Jackson (MBA '69) who was part of the first group of students to enroll in MBA programs through The Consortium in 1967. In a 1992 article in... Read More

When six African-American men began their quest to earn an MBA at the University of Wisconsin–Madison 50 years ago they weren’t just working to enhance their potential as... Read More

Lisa Mitchell-Kastner had to hone her leadership skills fast—and early in her career. After one year as one of only two women in an AT&T engineering department of hundreds of people, the... Read More