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WSB Unveils Ice Cream Contest Winning Flavor, ‘We Mean Business’ Created by BBA Student

by Rob Kelly Thursday, April 2, 2015

Babcock begins selling the custom concoction at campus locations on April 1.

At the Wisconsin School of Business, we often say “the whole is better than the sum of its parts” when describing our tight-knit, passionate community of scholars, leaders, and learners. 

This also holds true for WSB’s new Babcock ice cream flavor, “We Mean Business,” the tasty creation of senior accounting major Niki Seaberg (BBA ’15), which combines vanilla ice cream with marshmallow swirl, chocolate-covered salted caramel pieces, and white chocolate.

Niki Seaberg Ice Cream

Niki Seaberg (BBA '15

The ice cream flavor was created as part of a school-wide contest to celebrate and build awareness of the School’s new brand and collaborative community, which is neatly summed up in the tagline—Together Forward.

“We developed the ice cream to build awareness and excitement for our collaborative and inspiring community,” says Cindy Bush, WSB brand project manager. “Everything from the flavor to the name was created and voted upon by the Wisconsin School of Business community of alumni, students, faculty, and staff to ensure true ownership of this flavor by our extended community.”

Seaberg’s flavor garnered the most votes from a field of five finalists from more than 200 entries last fall selected not only for their innovative flavor combinations, but also for how well they represented WSB’s spirit.

“We Mean Business was the first name that came to mind when I heard an ice cream flavor was being created for the Wisconsin School of Business,” Seaberg says. “As an accounting student attending classes in the School for the past four years, I’ve noticed how focused all the business students are, myself included.”

As for the combination of flavors, Seaberg says, “With the Wisconsin School of Business being comprised of a diverse set of individuals, it was only fitting to create a flavor that represented this harmony. In ‘We Mean Business,’ a wide variety of sweet treats acts as one dessert in the same way that the Wisconsin School of Business brings together a diverse set of students and faculty to form a community.”

The WSB ice cream will be available starting April 1 at Capital Café in Grainger Hall, all campus Daily Scoop shops, and the Babcock Hall Dairy Store.

Come to the free tasting on Thursday, April 9, from 2–4 p.m. in the Capital Café in Grainger Hall to sample WSB’s official ice cream flavor, We Mean Business.