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Steve King

When I teach leadership or management programs there is often a moment when someone will ask, “What’s the difference between leadership and management?” I usually point out that this... Read More

Edward Frees

Analytics is critical to the insurance business—it allows us to interpret the data that drives the industry. What is insurance analytics? For some, analytics means advanced data-mining tools,... Read More

4 Poisonous Communications in Family Business
by: Sherry Herwig, Director of the Wisconsin School of Business Family Business CenterMonday, February 1, 2016

It’s February, and reminders of love and relationships saturate consumer store aisles, television commercials, and radio ads. Throughout our lives we engage in a spectrum of varying... Read More

Charles West

Companies spend considerable time and energy every year updating their strategies, plans, and organizations. These efforts usually amount to improvements to their existing business but not adapting to... Read More