Friday, November 21, 2014Forward Thinking Faculty BlogProduct Market Power and Tax Avoidanceby: Dan Lynch

Tax authorities continue to target high-profile market leaders like Apple, General Electric, Google, Starbucks, and Amazon in the popular press and in governmental proceedings, accusing these... Read More

Consumers are adept at avoiding TV ads by flipping channels and fast-forwarding through ads on DVRs. Partly in response to this loss of attention, marketers are increasingly focused on product... Read More

The market for commercial mortgage backed securities has grown rapidly in recent years and has become the second largest source of financing for commercial real estate. Recent turmoil in mortgage... Read More

Friday, October 24, 2014Forward Thinking Faculty BlogIndividual Layoff History Impacts Voluntary Turnoverby: Paul R. Davis, Charlie O. Trevor, and Jie Feng

If you’ve ever been laid off, you’re probably familiar with some of the trauma and disruption that a layoff can bring—researchers have documented depressed lifetime earnings, reduced... Read More