Next Session: February 20 - 24, 2017

Whether next generation family members envision a future as business leaders, business managers/employees, family council or board members, or shareholders not active in the business, they need education and training to succeed.

The Next Generation Leadership Bootcamp provides this learning opportunity and ensures smooth business transitions.  By creating a powerful network of peers, expert instructors, and ongoing mentorship, this program helps participants develop their own leadership style, execute influence and group decision-making skills, and guide effective governance, trusts, and estates.

This one-week immersion program creates a collaborative environment among a diverse group of future leaders and boasts immediate results and skill-building.

Program Benefits

At the end of this program, participants will:

  • Understand and be better equipped to manage the complexities of family systems
  • Have developed leadership and communication skills essential for working and co-owning with siblings, cousins, and parents
  • Understand hidden components of being part of a family enterprise including Estate Planning, Wealth Management, Trustee Relationships, and Board Service
  • Communicate information and resolve conflicts constructively

Who Should Attend

This program has been custom-designed for 25 to 40- year olds who are:

  • Beginning the upward track to leadership or well on the way
  • Assuming or will assume a larger leadership role within the family
  • Will be or has become a shareholder of the family business
  • Will be or has become an inheritor of some wealth from the family business

Upcoming Session: February 20 - 24, 2017

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The Next Generation Leadership Boot Camp focuses on the unique issues facing family enterprise leaders:

  • Family Systems
    Sibling relationships, parent/child relationships, triangulation, over/under functioning in family systems, individualization
  • DiSC Assessment
    Identify and understand preferred communication styles, learn to adapt and work with assets and challenges to build stronger relationships
  • Communication & Conflict
    Effective written communication, crucial conversations, conflict management agreements with family
  • Decision Making & Paradoxes in the Family Business
    Identify sources of family business excellence/failure, investigate dynamics of G1/G2/G3 transitions and implications for leadership behaviors, paradox management, family business success factors/derailers
  • Finance & Wealth Management
    Key financial terms, concepts in wealth management, pitfalls, resources for getting further help
  • Succession & Estate Planning
    Leadership vs. Ownership, the process, legal documents, GRATs, tax considerations
  • Foundational, Situational and Strategic Leadership
    Life Styles Inventory Assessment, successful leadership behaviors, analysis of leadership styles
  • Governance
    Board member responsibility, director effectiveness, creating a good team

The Next Generation Leadership Boot Camp uses a variety of learning techniques including:

  • In-class lectures
  • Interactive exercises
  • Personal assessments
  • Group discussions
  • Self-reflection

In addition, post-Boot Camp individual coaching sessions help participants apply what they have learned as they return to work.

Family Systems, Communication, Conflict, Decision Making
Dr. Deb Houden, The Family Business Consulting Group 

Finance and Business Acumen

Succession & Estate Planning

Leadership, Governance
Ann Kinkade, Lucid Legacy Consulting


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Certificate Associated
With This Program:

Next Generation Leadership Certificate

After completing the Bootcamp, participants have the option to take two of three pre-selected required courses, over the next 24 months, to receive a Professional Development Certificate from the UW Family Business Center and the Wisconsin School of Business.

Leadership: Transform Your Business Culture
Think through your own leadership characteristics and dig deep into issues that need to be managed, while becoming more self-aware, confident and better equipped to lean into your leadership strengths.

Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Professionals
This course will help you master the financial language of business and discover how to make decisions that lead to financial success for your organization.

Leadership: Aligning Your Organization for Performance
Business leaders are defined by the role they play in shaping their organizations. It is their responsibility to drive performance by ensuring that every facet of the business, from processes to culture, is aligned with core principles and strategic goals. This course focuses on how to attain that alignment.