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Briana Chang

Assistant Professor - Finance

Briana Chang joined the Wisconsin School of Business as assistant professor in the Department of Finance, Investments, and Banking. She recently completed her Ph.D. in economics at Northwestern. In her dissertation, she studies the determinants of liquidity and trading dynamics in asset markets. Her works focus on how market frictions affect the reallocation in factor markets and aggregate performance.

Her primary research interests are in market microstructure, information economics, search theory, and the impact of market frictions on asset trading and firms’ investment dynamics.


NBER Summer Institute 2012, Workshop on Macro Perspectives ( 2012 ) A Search Theory of Sectoral Reallocation

2012 Society of Economic Dynamics Annual Meeting ( 2012 ) Adverse Selection and Liquidity Distortion

Photograph of Briana Chang

Briana Chang

Assistant Professor | Finance
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