This page is a source of information for students who are currently studying overseas on a Wisconsin School of Business study abroad program.

Report Your Courses and Contact Information

Once you arrive overseas, email International Programs ( your overseas contact information and the confirmed list of the courses you will take while abroad. In this email, please include:

  • Overseas address and phone number
  • Host university's course number, course title, credit value, and anticipated University of Wisconsin-Madison equivalencies

Double-Check Course Equivalencies

Before your classes begin, review the Course Equivalencies and selection webpage. Verify the UW-Madison equivalencies of the courses you plan to take. If a course has not yet been equated, follow the steps outlined for submitting a course equivalency request. International Programs will send the syllabus to the appropriate UW-Madison department, and will publish the equivalency in our database once it has been established. Please note that it usually takes a minimum of at least two weeks for a course to be equated.

Students who are taking finance classes abroad are reminded that the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Finance Department expects that you meet UW-Madison prerequisites in order to get full benefit from your finance classes and to prepare for future Wisconsin finance courses.

Also, remember to verify the University of Wisconsin-Madison credit values of each course by checking the grade and credit conversion table on each program-specific website listed under pre-departure resources. Semester students must be enrolled in the equivalent of at least 12 University of Wisconsin-Madison credits.

Embassy Registration

International Programs study abroad participants who are U.S. citizens must register with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. Citizens of other countries should register at their own country’s embassy. Registering will aid students if an emergency occurs in the country in which they are studying or if they lose their passport.

CISI Insurance

Should you need information about CISI insurance or an additional claim form, please see the University of Wisconsin-Madison Risk Management Study Abroad website. You can print an additional card by accessing your MyCISI account.

Course Enrollment

You should enroll for courses at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for the term following your study abroad experience. You will receive an enrollment appointment time through your MyUW Student Center and should enroll as if you were on campus.

Pass/Fail Privilege and Dropping a Course

Undergraduate business students who are in good academic standing may take only one (1) course as pass/fail per semester including the summer session. A maximum of twelve (12) total credits may be completed as pass/fail to count toward completion of the 120 degree credits required for the BBA. The following courses cannot be taken pass/fail while studying abroad with International Programs:

  • All business courses, including those designated as “meets with” and “cross-listed”
  • Any requirement for the business major or degree, including, but not limited to, pre-business and liberal studies requirements

Review the BBA pass/fail policy information for more details if you are considering exercising this option.

Not all major departments allow their students to take pass/fail courses. You must check with your academic advisor before you take a course pass/fail. No pass/fail course may fulfill any degree requirement or breadth requirement.

You must complete, sign, scan, and email the Pass/Fail request to International Programs during the first 1/4 of the host university’s term. Deadlines on the Madison campus do not apply.

Be careful about dropping a course. Please let us know no later than halfway through your semester that you are dropping a course, along with its name and number. If you stop attending a class, your grade may come through as an “F” which will be on your record. It is better to officially drop it through the host school system. In addition, you need to be sure that you will remain a full-time student with 12 University of Wisconsin-Madison credits (for semester students).

Using BuckyNet While Studying Abroad

BuckyNet is a wonderful resource for you to use to find internships and full-time employment when studying abroad. We encourage you to look through the opportunities that are available, but ask that you not submit your résumé to any of the on-campus interviewing opportunities listed (these type of positions are labeled as “pre-select” or “open”). If you are interested in an on-campus interviewing opportunity, it is best to contact the employer directly to explain that you are studying abroad and would like to set up an interview either by phone or through Skype.

If you submit your résumé and get invited to interview on campus, you will not be able to sign up for a time slot on BuckyNet. Those slots are reserved for students who are physically present on campus. Many employers are open to interviewing you while studying abroad, but it’s important to let them decide when and how to do so. Writing employers directly is the best way to inquire about potential long-distance interview opportunities while you are abroad. If you have questions about using BuckyNet while abroad, please contact the Business Career Center.


International Programs welcomes feedback about your study abroad experience at any time. Please contact us with your comments.