Course Selection

  • Semester study abroad participants must take at least two business courses while abroad, no more than two courses in their major (except International Business), and no introductory courses for their major.
  • Students who are taking finance classes abroad are reminded that the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s finance department expects that you meet UW-Madison prerequisites in order to comprehend better, to get full benefit from your finance classes, and to prepare for future UW-Madison finance courses.
  • Be careful about dropping a course abroad. Inform International Programs by the deadline of halfway through your semester that you are dropping a course, with the course number and name. If you stop attending a class and the course remains on your foreign transcript, your grade may come through as an “F,” which will be on your UW-Madison record. It is better to officially drop it through the host school system. In addition, you need to be sure that you will remain a full-time student with 12 UW-Madison credits (for semester students).

Course Credits and Grades

  • Semester study abroad participants must take the equivalent of at least 12 and no more than 18 UW-Madison credits.
  • Credit values vary across the globe. Review the program’s pre-departure website to see how foreign grades and credits will convert to UW-Madison grades and credits. Many courses must be the equivalent of three UW-Madison credits to satisfy BBA requirements.
  • Courses taken while studying abroad with International Programs are considered in residence and will post to your transcript and become part of your UW-Madison GPA.

Pass/Fail Privilege

Undergraduate business students who are in good academic standing may take only one (1) course as pass/fail per semester including the summer session. A maximum of twelve (12) total credits may be completed as pass/fail to count toward completion of the 120 degree credits required for the BBA. The following courses cannot be taken pass/fail while studying abroad with International Programs:

  • All business courses, including those designated as “meets with” and “cross-listed”
  • Any requirement for the business major or degree, including, but not limited to, pre-business and liberal studies requirements

Review the BBA pass/fail policy information for more details if you are considering exercising this option. Not all major departments allow their students to take pass/fail courses. You must check with your academic advisor before you take a course pass/fail. No pass/fail course may fulfill any degree requirement or breadth requirement.

You must complete, sign, scan, and email the Pass/Fail request to International Programs during the first 1/4 of the host university’s term. Deadlines on the Madison campus do not apply. If you do not have access to a scanner, you may fax the form to International Programs.

UW-Madison Course Enrollment

You should not enroll in courses at UW-Madison for the semester you will be abroad. International Programs will put “placeholder credits” on your student account, which will keep you enrolled as a UW-Madison student.
You should enroll for courses at UW-Madison for the term following your study abroad experience. You will receive an enrollment appointment time through your MyUW Student Center and should enroll as if you were on campus. It is recommended that you meet with your academic advisor in the semester prior to studying abroad to discuss course enrollment options for the term when you will return to UW-Madison.

Academic Record

Once it receives your study abroad grades and course equivalents, International Programs will provide you with a grade report, which will detail your study abroad coursework, grades, and credits. Once you have had a chance to review them, the equivalent UW-Madison courses, grades, and credits will appear on your UW-Madison record.