Thursday, October 24; 8:30-3:30 pm; $95

This one day productivity conference provides several sessions to help you increase your business and personal productivity.

Who should attend? Small Business Owners & Managers who want to know…
  • how to identify the must have business functions to document and where to start
  • ways to save money using cloud services
  • how mapping processes can help their business processes become more streamlined
  • if a mobile app is necessary for their business
  • what key information is needed to succeed in developing a mobile app for their business
  • more about how to utilize iPads in business
  • how to manage documents and connect to corporate offices securely with iPads
How will I benefit?
  • learn how documented processes can help you delegate work to others
  • learn where to start and what processes are the most important to document
  • decide if Google cloud services-Drive, Talk, Vault will save you time and money
  • learn if you need to spend time and money to develop a mobile app for your business
  • learn the steps you need to take when developing a mobile app
  • find out how to utilize the iPad for document management in your business
  • learn how connectivity to corporate offices securely can be achieved with the iPad


Documenting Business Processes and Procedures: Julie Wood; 8:30-10:00 am
In this interactive session you will learn what business processes every business should document and why. You will learn how to document your processes in flow chart form and how that transfers to written procedures. We will use a common process that everyone uses to demonstrate where common pitfalls can happen in documenting business procedures. You will leave the session with a start on documenting one of your business processes and an action list for your next steps.

Mobile Apps for your Business: Steve O’Brien; 10:15-11:45 am
In this session you will learn if investing the time and resources to develop a native mobile app is necessary for your business, and explain the differences between native apps, web apps, and mobile websites. This session will include case studies to help you decide which mobile strategy is the best fit for your business needs. You will leave the session with straightforward content to help you make that decision and learn how to effectively execute your mobile strategy once the decision is made.

Using iPad’s for Business: Dennis Nolan; 1:00-2:15 pm
Find out what you can do with your iPad besides email and internet surfing. In this session you will learn to deal with some of the challenges iPad’s bring to business including document management and connecting to corporate offices securely. You will also learn about some of the top apps being used to increase your business & personal productivity.

Google Apps for Business: Dennis Nolan; 2:30-3:30 pm
Google Apps for Business delivers a full suite of productivity applications to your desktop, smart phone and tablet. Google Talk, the instant messaging and video conferencing service available directly within Google's email interface, enables interactive communication previously requiring complicated and expensive video conferencing systems. With Google Drive, your employees can share documents while simultaneously editing new documents with other group members. Google Drive is a secure storage location for all the documents you need at your fingertips no matter where you like to work. Google Vault ensures your email is securely archived for long term access should regulatory requirements mandate the practice. The best part of Google Apps for Business is the lowered IT costs you'll experience using a stable, secure cloud software service.



Julie Wood

Julie Wood is a program coordinator and director of the Youth Entrepreneur Camp at the UW-Madison Small Business Development Center. Before coming to the SBDC, Julie was director of operations at Oriel Incorporated and a financial software consultant at SVA Consulting. She also started and ran Checks + Balances, Inc., an accounting consulting business. Julie has a B.S. in Education and a M.S. in Educational Communications and Technology from UW-Madison. She is a certified Franklin Covey facilitator and recently earned her Online Teaching Certification from UW-Madison Division of Continuing Studies.

Steve O’Brien

Steve O’Brien is the owner of Noble Applications which provides high-quality, native-code application development for iPhone, iPad and Android. Steve previously had lengthy stints managing business operations, and selling and implementing software. His new passion is partnering with businesses to help them execute their mobile strategy. So many businesses fail to execute because they lack the expertise, and partner with mobile developers that do not fully understand what they are trying to accomplish. Noble Applications focuses on learning how your mobile application will provide value, and then guaranteeing success in executing your vision.

Dennis Nolan

Dennis Nolan is the owner of Cirrus Partners, LLC, a Madison based IT support firm opened in 2004 specializing in Apple product integration. Clients include a wide variety of businesses in Wisconsin and California. Dennis is a member of the Apple Consultants Network and one of the first in the Madison area to earn Apple's Mobile Technical Competency. Before opening Cirrus Partners, Dennis was a commercial photographer working in the advertising, corporate and editorial markets for 18 years. He lives outside New Glarus, WI.


Special Programs

  • Location: Grainger Hall, UW-Madison
  • Schedule: 8:30 am-3:30 pm
  • Dates:
    -February 27, 2014
  • Fee: $95; 0.7 CEU
REGISTER ONLINE or Call to register at 608-262-3909


Cancellation policy: If you cancel before the program begins, there is a $10 cancellation fee. If you cancel after the program begins you will be charged for the full program fee. To cancel, call registration at 608-262-3909.


If there is inclement weather, please call 608-263-2221 for a recorded message after 6:30 am for day classes or after 3:30 pm for night classes.