The Family Business Center now offers an innovative approach giving you even more networking and learning opportunities - tailored to you particular interests and concerns.

Groups of 8-12 members meet once per month, for three hours for a facilitated discussed led by local family business experts.

  • Peer Support
  • A confidential forum for delicate issues
  • In-depth discussions of critical issues
  • Relationship building
  • Personal growth
  • Accountability

The cost is $1,500 per person for current members and $2,500 per person for non members. To register please click on the name of the Affinity Group you are interested in joining or contact FBC Director Sherry Herwig at or (608) 441-7347.


This affinity group is for people who are running a family-owned business. While the title of the individual is not important, he/she must be clearly in charge of company operations.

Future Leaders Affinity Group

If your parent or parents are still considered the company head, but you are in a position of (future) leadership within the family-owned business, this affinity group will be of particular interest.

Key Non-Family Leaders

If you hold a top management position (CEO, CFO, COO, HR Manager, Line Manager, General Manager, etc.) within a family-owned company but are not a family member, you encounter unique dynamics. Learn from others who share that role.