FBC Mission

The University of Wisconsin Family Business Center's mission is to provide family businesses with an opportunity to address their unique and critical issues through insightful educational forums and discussions, peer group learning, provision of resources and referrals, relevant academic courses and applied research. Our greater aim is to help members' businesses and families succeed for current and future generations.

FBC Vision

We are a highly regarded, internationally-recognized family business learning community and Center. Through The Wisconsin Idea, we are positively transforming Wisconsins family businesses, their families and the communities they serve. Our educational outreach, academic programming, and family business research each contribute to the success of family businesses overall and to the FBCs financial stability.

FBC Core Values

The FBC believes:

  • That family-owned businesses are the backbone of the economy.
  • In the preservation and understanding of the unique relationships and values maintained in family businesses.
  • That family business owners are better able to grow their businesses and transfer ownership to the next generation when they leverage the high-quality, world-class, educational resources and partnerships provided by the FBC.
  • That by providing a forum for family business owners to openly communicate about their personal and professional issues they will become stronger families and better businesses.