The Manager's Role as Leader

Outstanding performance happens at the intersection of management and leadership

Great managers have excellent processes in place, build collaborative relationships, and understand their role in the company’s strategy. Outstanding managers recognize when to step beyond that role and lead—they know how to distinguish management from leadership. This course will enable you to confidently lead your team by understanding each situation, its context, and the people involved.

With the powerful knowledge gained during this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and practice facilitative leadership
  • Develop a situational leadership plan
  • Balance advocacy and inquiry skills to achieve effective situation analysis
  • Recognize your most productive leadership style and your weaknesses
  • Make decisions based on each situation, its context, and the people involved
  • Decode complex people issues
  • Enhance managerial tools and processes to improve the performance of others
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Day 1

  • Learn how “context” influences your decisions
  • Improve team communications, involvement and effectiveness
  • Assess the impact of your belief systems, perceptions, and conclusions

Day 2

  • Improve your cross-cultural competencies
  • Balance advocacy and inquiry to resolve complex and interdependent issues
  • Gain a thorough understanding of your leadership strengths and weaknesses

Day 3

  • Integrate leadership, management, processes, and systems to achieve results
  • Develop the emotional component of your leadership style
  • Provide constructive feedback that leads to understanding and action

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