Tuesday, May 1, 2012 Center for International Business Education and Research
MBAs Participate in CIBER Global Business Projects

The University of Wisconsin Madison CIBER would like to announce that eight full-time MBA students have been chosen to participate in the Global Business Project.

The Global Business Project (GBP) is a semester-long learning experience whereby students are placed in a team with other MBA students from participating CIBER Universities. Each team has a faculty advisor and together they work with an international client to solve a real-time business problem. GBP culminates with travel to the project’s host country for two weeks during the end of May where groups finalize and present their recommendations to company management. Project countries for GBP Spring 2012 include Brazil, China, India, and Thailand.

The eight UW Madison MBA representatives are listed below with a brief description of their project:

Evan Meyer, MBA 2013, Supply Chain Management

Client: Dorf Ketal
Location: Mumbai, India
Role: Project Leader
Project: Dorf Ketal, a specialty chemicals manufacturer that provides titanium-based catalysts to customers in a wide variety of manufacturing industries. Our project aims to reduce operating costs by optimizing DK’s supply chain, focusing on transportation and inventory management.

Sally Theiler, MBA 2013, Brand and Product Management

Client: Westinghouse Electric Company
Location: India: Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi
Project: We are developing a strategy for Westinghouse to enter the India market and navigate the political process for bringing nuclear reactors to market. We are trying to develop an understanding of the process that will involve government, businesses, and communities. The GBP last year performed a similar analysis for the China market that produced strong results.

Doug Stuckey, MBA 2013, Supply Chain Management

Client: Phawat
Location: Thailand
Role: Language/Culture Officer
Project: Phawat is a logistics broker which arranges and schedules transportation of materials from suppliers to manufacturers. Our project is focused on reducing inefficiencies in Phawat's operations and identifying ways to decrease the total time and cost of logistics for the company's largest customer, Nissan.

Aaron Anderson, MBA 2013, Marketing Research

Client: Sakchai Furniture Group
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Role: Logistics Coordinator
Project: Our team has been tasked with developing a growth strategy for our furniture client. There are two primary components to this business issue:
1) What countries can the company export to?
2) What style of domestic furniture should the client be manufacturing to meet consumer preferences?

Yu Tang, MBA 2013, Operations and Technology Management

Client: Amgen Inc; the world’s largest biotechnology company, specializing in the discovery, development, manufacture, and delivery of innovative human therapeutics.
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Role: Content Lead
Project: In 2011, Amgen purchased Bergamo, a Brazilian pharmaceutical company that specializes in producing generic drugs and reacquired the rights for distribution. Amgen would like to complete its integration with Bergamo and establish operations in Brazil.

Sarah Wright, MBA 2013, Operations and Technology Management

Client: AGCO Corp
Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Role: Project Leader
Project Description: GBP team will work with AGCO do Brazil’s marketing resources to create a profitable merchandising strategy that promotes brand recognition within Brazil. The GBP team will analyze and present recommendations for operations, distribution, target markets, and cultural shifts for the merchandising strategy.

Stephen Jaramillo, MBA 2013, Brand and Product Management

Client: Dorf Ketal
Location: Mumbai, India
Role: Logistics Coordinator
Project Description: Dorf Ketal is an Indian based manufacturer of specialty chemicals. Our goal is to provide recommendations that will take $600,000 worth of cost out of their supply chain.

Melissa Anderson, MBA 2013, Operations and Technology Management

Client: PPG
Location: Mumbai, India
Role: Research Analyst
Project: Improve Operating Margins in India PPG
Scope: Conduct competitor analysis, price/product mix analysis, tax/currency analysis, and supply chain/manufacturing analysis to locate the opportunity areas for margin improvement.

For more information on the CIBER Global Business Project, please contact Susan Huber-Miller at shubermiller@bus.wisc.edu or by phone at 608.263.7682.