The Center for Brand and Product Management is the nation’s first university-based center focused on producing talent and knowledge in the field of brand and product management. The Center was established to fill a gap; no one was training business students to be top-notch brand managers. Brand management is the one “specialty” that requires a breadth of business skills. The Center for Brand and Product Management’s unique environment – and uniquely effective blend of curriculum and applied learning – builds those skills.

Managing a brand is like running a business. At the Center, you learn to be a business leader, to be more entrepreneurial and insightful, to understand the whole picture. So, while you’re building world-class product management skills, you’re also readying yourself for general management.

The Center was established in 2002 by Scott Cook – co-founder of Intuit, Inc., the maker of Quicken, QuickBooks and TurboTax – and his wife Signe Ostby, former Vice President of Marketing for Software Publishing Corporation. And it’s supported by some of the finest product management companies in the world, who take a hands-on interest in our students through our Advisory Board. 

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