Class of 2015

Nielsen Center: Class of 2015

Back row: TR Snyder, Fiona Severson, Stephen Griffiths, Simon Li, Zach Smith, Xiaofei Li, and Ashish Khandelwal

Front row: Kelly Goldthorpe, Kristin Branch - Director, Kujtim Koci, Jeremy Southard, Kyle Naff, Jen Shea - Student Services Coordinator, and Jenny Ulvestad

Class of 2014

MR Class of 2012

Front row: Marina Maller, Tracy Dion, Jen Shea - Student Services Coordinator, Justin Hawkins, Sally Sa, and Eliza Swedenborg.

Back row: Bruce Courtney, Kristin Branch - Director, Joanna Weiss, Ted Sun, Amy Woulfe, and Bonnie Putnam.