Sydney Farmer

Beijing, China - Spring 2017

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Petar Djordjevic

Bangkok, Thailand - Spring 2017

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Hayley Rozman

Seville, Spain - Spring 2017

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Petar Djordjevic
Assimilation, Frustration, and Appreciation
by: Petar DjordjevicTuesday, April 25, 2017

Before coming to Thailand, we were required to learn about the politics, economy, and culture for our International Business 365 class. What I learned was very helpful in going about my daily life in... Read More

Sydney Farmer
Tourist and Tour Guide
by: Sydney FarmerMonday, April 17, 2017

As my semester is nearing the halfway point, I was able to relax and take a break from my studies, as my parents traveled over 6000 miles to visit me in Beijing! This was their first time to mainland... Read More

Petar Djordjevic
Thailand: Come for the Food, Stay for the Food
by: Petar DjordjevicThursday, April 13, 2017

One thing I was most excited about before coming to Thailand was the food. With my love of pad thai, spring rolls (of Vietnamese origin which I learned here), and all things spicy, I was eager to try... Read More

Hayley Rozman
The Luck of the Irish
by: Hayley RozmanTuesday, April 11, 2017

The luck of the Irish was not in our favor this weekend, but it made for an important lesson. For a while, my friends and I weren’t even sure if this trip would happen. Plane tickets and lodging... Read More