These forms are useful for student organization leaders.  If you have any questions please contact the ALC.

Fleet Vehicle Forms
Financial Summary

If you want to rent a UW Fleet vehicle...

This information is for UW Business School Student Organizations.  Other groups should contact their department.

First, you must become a UW Authorized Driver.  This involved filling out a short form, getting it signed by the director of the Student Leadership Center, and taking it to UW Risk Management where they will check your driving record.  If you have a clean record you will be approved.  ONLY APPROVED DRIVERS CAN DRIVE!  Make sure you have enough approved drivers to safely complete your trip.

Authorized Driver forms available in the Student Leadership Center, Grainger Hall, Room 3275 and must be signed by a director of the Student Leadership Center.

Second, read the School of Business Fleet Rental Policies.  You may be tempted to skip this step, but it is your responsibility to know and follow all policies.  Failure to do so will jeopardize your driving privileges, and the privilege of your organization renting vehicles.  If you are not following policies and get in an accident then you may be responsible for paying the damages.

Fleet Driving Policies

Third, complete the Fleet Reservation form and turn it in to Shannon in 2261 Grainger.

Fleet Vehicle Reservation Form (PDF)

Do NOT contact the Fleet office directly.  They will not reserve vehicles for you.

Finally, once your vehicle reservation is confirmed you will need to pay for the vehicles by bring a check made out to University of Wisconsin for your total amount to the ALC in 3275 Grainger.
Financial guidance...

Financial Summary (PDF)- This form should be submitted to the ALC at the end of each semester.

Budget Template - You can use this as a guide to help you develop a budget for your organization.  Budgets must be turned in to the ALC in 3275 by September 30 of each year.  It is important to write a budget for the entire academic year so you can plan ahead and manage your money wisely.  If you need help - just ask!