What is the BBA Government?

The Wisconsin BBA Student Government (BBA Gov) is the official student government of the Wisconsin School of Business’ BBA program (WSoB BBA). Our mission is as follows: The Wisconsin BBA Student Government exists to unify the student voice within the Wisconsin School of Business (WSoB) to promote shared responsibility in making decisions relevant to all school stakeholders.

Doesn’t something like this already exist?

The Undergraduate Business Leadership Council (UBLC) has previously acted in this capacity; however, the effectiveness of this group has been substandard. By changing the overall structure and direction of the governing body, it will be become more focused, effective, and far-reaching. Further, we will seek to eliminate the significant amount of overlap that currently exists in the school. By increasing collaboration between student orgs who work towards shared goals we hope to streamline events and maximize the variety of options available to the Wisconsin BBA student body.

What types of decisions will the BBA Government make?

The answer to this question will continue to evolve as BBA Gov gains name recognition and increases its scope. Initially, the organization will focus on any concerns the general student body has. BBA Gov continues the UBLC’s chief task: to create and enact student organization policy and procedures. Any org that wishes to be a part of the school must go through the BBA Gov. BBA Gov. is also working with administration on curriculum, student life, and talent acquisition matters in several capacities. For instance, BBA Gov has appointed reps to multiple school search and screen committees as well as the school’s curriculum committee.

What is the administration’s role in the BBA Government?

The administration is thoroughly excited to see this idea come to fruition. They backed the planning process 100% and have pledged to work with students in a shared governance capacity. They will act on an advisory basis only – this is a student-designed and student-centered governing body.

What are the positions that make up the BBA Government?

The BBA Gov leadership is organized into an Executive Board and lead chiefly by it’s elected President. Working alongside the President are five Vice-Presidents. These positions include: VP-Administration, VP-Finance, VP-Marketing, VP-Programming, and VP-Student Organizations. The Executive Board also includes nine class representatives. Two representatives from each class (Pre-Business, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors) and one representative from the admitted Freshman class. The WSoB Associated Students of Madison (ASM) Student Council Representative is the final member of the BBA Gov Executive Board. Any interested student of the University of Wisconsin – Madison can be a member of BBA Gov. However, only students who have been accepted to the WSoB or have official “pre-business” designation have speaking rights at meetings.

How can I get involved?

The ideal way to become involved with the BBA Gov is to run for an elected office! Elections take place at two different times each year: in the spring, elections are held for the following year’s executive officers – the five Vice-Presidents and President; in the fall, elections are held to pick that years elected class representatives. Other than running for office, a great way to get involved is to provide us with input on the issues that matter the most to you. To do this, we encourage students to stop in at our office hours in Grainger Hall, room 1250, to talk to your elected representatives. We truly want this group to be representative of all student viewpoints, not just an active few. Further, we encourage you to promote the BBA Gov to your student organizations, classmates, and friends. The more students we have actively interested in making a difference, the stronger we will be!

Is there a significant time commitment required?

Executive board members will be required to attend meetings at least once a week, hold office hours, and help develop other members and students. Class representatives will also be required to attend weekly meetings and hold office hours. A fair estimate of hours spent per week is approximately 10.

Why should I care?

We as tuition paying students of the WSoB BBA Program are key stakeholders. Thus, we should take responsibility in making sure our voices are heard in matters that directly affect our peers and us. Currently no effort at shared governance is being made, and this body’s aim is to change that.

Who can I talk to for more information?

You can email the BBA Gov President, at President.bbagov@bus.wisc.edu.

Financial Resources...

Student Organization Financial Resources

Policies and Procedures:
  • Student Organization Grant Policies and Procedures (PDF)
  • Student Organizations Policies and Procedures (PPT)
  • WSoB Student Organizations Policies and Procedures (PDF)
Budget Tools:
  • Sample Budget (MS Excel)
  • Budget Template (MS Excel)
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  • Participant List (MS Excel)
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Event Resources:
  • Grant Cash Advance Request (MS Word)
  • Grant Cash Advance Request Sample (MS Word)

Contact vpadmin.bbagov@bus.wisc.edu for any additional questions!

Additional Resources...

Student Organization Resources

Grainger Hall Conference Services Website: Visit Site

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  • Grainger Hall meeting spaces
  • Grainger Hall fees, policies, guidelines

Grainger Hall Online Reservation Site: Visit Site

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Grainger Hall Access Request: Visit Site

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Center for Leadership Involvement (Cfli): Visit Site

  • All information student organizations should need to operate within UW Madison guidelines
  • Resource for any campus policy and procedure questions

CFLI Fundraising website: Visit Site

  • Fundraising policies, guidelines, and restrictions

Contact vpadmin.bbagov@bus.wisc.edu for any additional questions!