Midwest Undergraduate Business Summit

Details at a glance:
When: Thursday, October 16th – Saturday, October 18th
Where: The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
Who: Over forty Midwest business schools

The Midwest Undergraduate Business Summit (MUBS) is a student-run, three day conference to inspire business students from the Midwest. Participants will engage with business professionals on a personal level, which will grant them networking opportunities while also increasing their general business knowledge.  They will have the opportunity to hear from distinguished business leaders from companies such as American Family Insurance, Kraft, Proctor and Gamble, and more. Students will connect with peers from other business schools to learn how they operate, encourage collaboration, and drive innovation.

A highlight of the conference is a case competition that will take place during the second day of the conference. Through competing in this case competition, students will strengthen their team skills and apply the knowledge they have to real world business applications. Throughout the entire third day, students will further themselves by working with others, presenting new ideas, and networking with those who are prominent in the business world today.

The goal of the Midwest Undergraduate Business Summit is to bring together business schools in the Midwest region to learn from business professionals. This summit will help business schools from the Midwest collaborate and empower their students to make a positive impact on their communities. Students will stay at a hotel within minutes of all of the conference facilities and will have liaisons with them throughout the conference. MUBS will assist in developing another generation of superb business professionals and will expand the reach of business schools in the Midwest. Each student who attends will work outside of their conventions to grow their potential in both their personal life and their professional life.
If you have any questions or comments, please email us at contact.mubs@gmail.com.

T-Shirt Tradition

In order to build community within the Wisconsin School of Business, the BBA Gov is continuing the T-Shirt Tradition. On the first of each month, business students wear their black “I AM Wisconsin School of Business” t-shirts in Grainger Hall! In this way, wherever students go on campus, they can see the far-reaching impact of students in the Wisconsin School of Business. BBA Gov gives out a reward in the Undergrad Lounge (Room 1250) to students wearing their t-shirts on that day. So far this year, BBA Gov distributed water bottles in October, coffee and bagels in November, and cookies and a chance to your photo taken with Bucky Badger in December.

Grainger Goes Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and the Wisconsin School of Business is spreading awareness with an innovative week of programming as part of Grainger Goes Pink (GGP). Grainger Goes Pink is a celebration and fundraiser founded by alumnus Jon Fasoli, who had a family member with the illness.
BBA Gov celebrates its annual GGP by collaborating with students, student organizations, Wisconsin School of Business faculty, staff, and administration, and local Madison businesses. In order to educate students on Breast Cancer BBA Gov, in partner with other WSoB organizations, BBA Gov will distribute flyers and pins to large lectures, and will sell T-shirts, wristbands, and more at the Atrium tables in Grainger.

Madison Polar Plunge

In February, the Wisconsin School of Business will be taking the plunge – the Polar Plunge that is – at Olin Turville Park in Madison. The Polar Plunge is one of the biggest fundraising efforts of the Special Olympics of Wisconsin to raise funds for their events, while honoring a classic Wisconsin tradition.

BBA Gov partners several student organizations within the Wisconsin School of Business to participate in the Polar Plunge. All participants registered with affiliated WSoB teams will be invited to the Grainger Café from 9:00-10:30 the morning of the Plunge for breakfast. Following a hearty breakfast, a bus arrives in the morning at the Union to take participants to Olin Turville Park for the Polar Plunge.

If you have any questions regarding the Polar Plunge or how to get your student org involved, contact the Vice President – Programming vpprogramming@bus.wisc.edu.

Town Hall Meetings

At least once per semester, all students associated with the Wisconsin School of Business are invited to attend this informational and feedback-driven meeting. Prominent issues and initiatives that impact business students are discussed at these events. Students may come with questions, statements, or opinions about the given topics or contribute ideas for the following town hall meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to unify the school, gain feedback from different student backgrounds, and facilitate the collaboration between students. For more information, please contact your student organization leader or president.bbagov@bus.wisc.edu.

Presidential Forums

Twice per semester, every registered business student organization president is invited to attend this leadership meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to unify the school, gain feedback from different student organizations, and facilitate the collaboration between the powers of student organizations. For more information, please contact your student organization leader or president.bbagov@bus.wisc.edu.