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Upcoming Career Events:

Spring Career and Internship Fair
Monday, February 3, 2014
4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Kohl Center
601 W Dayton Street
Madison, WI 53703

Company participants will be posted on BuckyNet in the beginning of January.

How to Make the Most of the Career and Internship Fair

Before the Career Fair

  • Research the companies participating in the Career Fair. Students registered on BuckyNet can view organization profiles and employment information by clicking on the Quick Link to the fair on their BuckyNet home page. Students can search through the employers attending the Career Fair within the fair database in BuckyNet.
  • Prepare a one-minute “commercial,” often called the an "elevator pitch," to introduce yourself, demonstrate that you know something about the company, express why you’re interested in working for them and how your skills relate to what the company needs.
  • Be prepared with questions to ask employers. Practice out loud!
  • Know the general types of positions in which you have an interest and where you want to go with your career.
  • Have a resume that’s digestible in one minute’s reading by busy employers. Bring enough copies!
  • Be organized! Prepare a list of employers you want to visit during the fair.

During the Career Fair

  • Business Professional attire is suggested. You don’t have to wear a suit, but do look professional.
  • Make eye contact when introducing yourself to employers. Shake hands firmly and pay close attention to what the representative is saying.
  • Ask questions about the company and current employment opportunities.
  • Be enthusiastic! Smile and project interest in the company.
  • Ask representatives for their business cards.
  • Ask how you should best follow up, and who the contact person is.
  • Make notes as you leave each company you’re interested in. You want to be prepared if you have further contact with a company representative.

After the Career Fair

  • You may want to send a letter and another copy of your resume to employer representatives of particular interest to you. In your note, you can briefly describe an additional strength of yours that you didn’t get to mention at the fair and restate your interest in interviewing with them.
  • Be prepared to interview with organizations of interest after the fair. Several organizations will conduct interviews in the BBA Interview Center the day after the fair, however, most of the participating organizations interview at the BBA Interview Center later in the fall semester.
  • Reminder: To participate in the On-Campus Interviewing Program, you must be registered! If you haven’t already registered, stop by 3290 Grainger Hall.
See myBiz Calendar of Events and BuckyNet for upcoming Employer Information Sessions.