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Meet Your Wisconsin BBA Staff: Chris McIntyre by Melissa Lakritz

Chris McIntyre is a brand new face to the Business Career Center.  His official title is Assistant Director for Advising and Career Planning. While he is available for career advice for Accounting, MHR and Certificate in Business (CIB) students, Chris’s real goal as a new employee is to “help students find their passion”.  He completed both his undergraduate and masters degrees at UW-Madison and gives this as one of the reasons for such a strong desire to help his fellow Badgers succeed. 

As Chris is acclimates to his new role in the BCC, he could not be more excited for what is in store for him when classes resume in fall.  He anticipates when the halls of the business school will be flooded with students, and he looks forward to working with “students of diverse backgrounds and interests”.  He emphasizes that students should not hesitate to contact him at anytime with their career questions. He can assist them with resume, cover letter, and interview preparation as well as questions about how a particular major can benefit post-graduate plans.

If you need help with exploring the bigger picture of your future career, Chris can help.  He can assist you if you are on the fence about choosing a major.  Some of his advice is to “research the positions and the type of people that work professionally in those positions, then contact those professionals – tell them you want to get in touch and ask some questions.  This gives you a sense of the career outside the academics; it is a real day to day view of the job…also take advantage of the job shadow program, its beneficial and eye opening.  You can leave that job shadow either thinking about how much you loved the job or saying it is really not for me”. 

His best advice for students to think about as fall is approaching is to “get in touch and reach out”.  Chris is adamant on how much he would really love to get to know each and every one of the students who belong in the majors he supports.  “I am just so excited,” he says “I am looking forward to meeting every one of them.  That is why I am here, for the students.”

If you want to make an appointment with Chris during the summer, email him at

Melissa Lakritz is a junior at the UW-Madison and Digital Marketing Intern in the Business Career Center. Email to comment on this post.