Friday, April 20, 2012 myBiz Blog
You Want To Be Allowed To Graduate, So... by Carly Miller
Declare your internship and post graduation plans in BuckyNet today!


All business students are  required to share both their post-graduation plans and internship plans with the BCC. Post-graduation plans can include plans to attend graduate school, starting your own business, seeking employment, accepted a full-time job, or something else. The information you provide is completely confidential, but we use it in the aggregate to report placement statistics. Other students, potential applicants, and companies want to know where our students end up. It also helps the BCC serve students and companies better to see what our students want to do and where they go.

To indicate that you have accepted a summer internship or full-time position, please log-in to BuckyNet, click on the Profile section, then click on the “Post-Graduation/Internship Plans” tab. Click on the “Add New” button and fill out the appropriate sections of the online form. Everything is kept confidential and you can update your plans if they change as graduation nears.