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LeaderShape® Application Now Available! by Sam Hoppen

LeaderShape 25 Years

Calling all leaders! The application for this year's session of LeaderShape®, a "Must-attend" and "Life-changing" event, is now open! This year's LeaderShape® will be held from August 20th-25th at the Bishop O'Connor Center in Madison, WI and transportation will be provided.  The application link is open until April 15th , so make sure you get it in on time! The application is available on the organizations site here.

Don't know what LeaderShape® is? Well you've come to the right place!

LeaderShape® is a six day, interactive, leadership boot camp designed to help students “Lead with Integrity”. Throughout the six days, students have the opportunity to interact with a large group of approximately 60 other students that are also eager to become better leaders.  In addition, students will have the privilege of coming together in smaller groups, called “Family Clusters” in which individual thoughts and ideas can comfortably be shared. In addition to learning how to become the best leader one can be, students attending LeaderShape® will also be given the chance to create a personal vision and develop ways to turn it into reality.

LeaderShape® Topics:
  • Building Community
  • The Value of One, the Power of All
  • Challenging What is, Looking to What Could Be
  • Bringing Vision to Reality
  • Living and Leading with Integrity
  • Staying in Action

LeaderShape® doesn’t just involve sitting in conference rooms learning about what it means to be a leader.  The majority of the learning takes place during interactive activities.  From participating in a low-ropes course to tossing a ball from one person to the next, LeaderShape® is full of many enjoyable and fun activities that promote the idea of leadership. Students will spend the entire 6 days (sleeping, eating, and learning) at the Bishop O’Connor Center and after a day‘s long structured learning agenda, students will often come together to have more fun before going to sleep.  Playing cards, having a volleyball tournament, and running the outdoor track are just some of the favorite pastimes that LeaderShape® students can take advantage of.

Whether in a particular session or engaging in activities when the day is done, LeaderShape® students are constantly interacting with others.  This allows them to meet many new people and network not only with other students in attendance, but LeaderShape® staff, Wisconsin School of Business staff, and guest leaders during Guest Leader Night. As well as the learning opportunities, the networking possibilities are truly valuable resource at LeaderShape®.

Visit the LeaderShape® website for more information. For questions about the LeaderShape® boot camp program and the pickup an application, stop by the Accenture Leadership Center in 3275 Grainger Hall or e-mail us at