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International Business Internship in Madison by Raj Veeramani

Position: Part-Time Marketing Research Internship

Duration: May 15 – July 26 (40 hours total over these 10 weeks)

What you will do: Perform market research to help small/midsize manufacturing companies in Wisconsin develop their international business expansion strategy.

Organization: ExporTech™; Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP)

With support from Center for Intl. Business Education and Research(CIBER), UW-Madison

This part-time internship will provide you a unique opportunity to develop a global outlook, learn international business skills and develop cross-cultural competencies.  With real-world experience on international projects, students who complete the internship will be better equipped to respond effectively to the challenges and opportunities of doing business globally.  These are competencies employers are increasingly seeking in their talent recruitment in a global economy.

Organization Profile:  Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is “To elevate the Wisconsin manufacturing economy to be the best in the world.”  WMEP is conducting a program called ExporTech™ designed to assist small to midsize manufacturers to develop or expand an export program.  Each program consists of C-level executives of 8 non-competing small to midsize manufacturing firms.  They meet for three intensive one-day ExporTech™ sessions across three consecutive months learning from the best in the international business sector.

Description of Internship: Two internship positions are available.  Interns will be responsible for performing a variety of independent international market research – industry, product, sector, etc. – supporting the export plans being developed by the companies participating in the ExporTech™ program. Each intern will assist four companies.  Interns will be directed by WMEP coaches and will have access to all the necessary databases. Work can be done remotely.  The interns will first undergo a 2-hour project overview/training by a WMEP coach that can be on-site or by webinar. The interns must attend at least one ExporTech™ session, and are welcome to attend more.  Program runs from May 15 through July 26. The total time commitment is expected to be 40 hours over this 10-week duration. In addition to providing the research findings to the companies, the interns are expected to prepare a summary report of the internship experience for submission to the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) at UW-Madison.

Qualifications:  Advanced undergraduate student or graduate student.  Must have marketing research course or experience.

Stipend:  You will receive a total stipend of $750 for this internship.

Application:  Submit your resume, cover letter and an unofficial copy of your transcripts via e-mail (with subject line “ExporTech™ Intern applicant”) to Roxanne Baumann at .

Deadline:  Resume, cover letter and transcript are due by Friday, April 27, 2012.

CATEGORIES: Business Students