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Bucky’s Career Corner: Professional Etiquette on Company Visits by Travis Guelig

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As a student, one of the best opportunities you have on campus is to join a student organization. Not only can you get involved and take on leadership roles, but you can begin to network with representatives from different companies – some of which are corporate sponsors of the Wisconsin School of Business. A successful way to network with corporate representatives is through onsite company visits.

To have a successful company visit, I have a few tips that will help you stand out and make the most of the experience.

First, be on time. No one likes to be late. It not only stresses you out, but it also gives you a bad first impression and delays the schedule that the company had for you.

Secondly, come prepared. This includes being dressed in business professional. For me, this included wearing a full suit and tie. Preparation also involves doing research on the company prior to the visit. Doing so will allow you to be successful in the next pieces of advice.

Next, listen and be attentive. Mix this tip with the research you have done, and you will be able to participate in discussions as well as start up conversations with corporate representatives. I cannot stress enough how important this piece of advice is, especially if you are looking to the company as a future employer. Every interaction with them counts, even if it is a half-day site visit. You want to be on top of your game, and impress the representatives. However, while you want to be impressive with the knowledge of the company, you also need to show you are a culture fit. The way you make your impression should align with the company’s core values.

And finally, once you leave, be sure to thank them for their time. If this visit is a professional stepping stone to working for the company, be sure to follow up with a thank you card or email. You can also connect with people you met on LinkedIn. This will keep your name fresh in their mind, and will help you further your professional relationship.

Networking is an endless process that involves speaking with corporate representatives, and if done right, it can open the door to future opportunities. Be sure to use the advice given to help you when visiting and networking with corporate representatives from a company that you are truly passionate about.

Have questions about a company visit? Stop by the BCC to speak with an advisor or leave your questions on our Facebook page!