Friday, March 2, 2012 myBiz Blog
What I Learned as a Pre-business Student by Carly Chadwick

As a pre-business student, not only are you faced with the challenges that come along with beginning college, but also the pressure to get into the business school. Having gone through the ups and downs of being a pre-business student I learned some important things.

Five things I learned as a Pre-business Student

  1. Office hours are key:

    Professors might come off as intimidating, or it may seem like an easy class, but professors and TAs want to see effort and want students to earn good grades. Go even if you don’t understand something slightly because it will only get harder and getting to know your professors and TAs on a personal level will also help because you will understand their teaching methods and a chance to network.

  2. Make friends outside the business school:

    Once you are an official business student, you will never leave Grainger! It is important to build bonds with people outside the business school to learn non-business things and be a well-rounded person.

  3. Plan ahead:

    Want to study abroad? Planning what classes you are going to take throughout college is so important since classes abroad can be very limited. Make sure to have a parallel path with a major outside the business school because it is better to a have backup if something doesn’t go your way. Also forcing yourself to look at other majors might make you come to a realization that a non-business major with a business certificate is more for you.

  4. Don’t listen to acceptance horror stories:

    Yes, it is competitive to get in the business school, and yes, some people with high GPAs didn’t get in, but all you can worry about is yourself. The past is the past so work hard and focus on getting yourself in.

  5. Have fun!

    This is college, not only are you taking classes but you are here for the social experience.  I stressed myself out way too much as a pre-business student and looking back it was not worth the stress. You will perform better if you are happy and understand life isn’t just about good grades and getting into the business school.

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