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MarketWatch 03.04.12 by Deidre Robinson

Market Watch 

This week of “March Forth,” MarketWatch spotlights alternatives: The access economy, benefit corporations and four unconventional economic indicators.

Whether you call it “collaborative consumption” or “the access economy,” this new-again paradigm is gaining legitimacy. Time Magazine even considers it to be one of “10 Ideas That Will Change the World.”

Seven states have passed legislation officially recognizing companies with a conscience. Called benefit corporations, or B Corps, the firms strive to make a positive impact on society while also turning a profit.  PBS Economics correspondent Paul Solman reports in this video, part of his Making Sen$e of financial news series.

Watch Benefit Corporations Aim to Make Profit, Positive Impact on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

Unemployment, underwear, waffles and waitresses: what do these have in common?