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Answers to Your Top 5 Questions About the Wisconsin BBA Application Resume by Kelly Cuene

Answers to Your Top 5 Questions About the Wisconsin BBA Application Resume

  1. What should my margins be?

    Formatting questions such as this are to be decided based upon the look of your resume. Depending if your resume has a lot of white space or looks really crammed, your margins should be adjusted accordingly.  Keep aesthetics in mind, if your resume looks cluttered to you, it is likely to look the same to the admissions committee.  At the very least, however, margins of 0.5” are acceptable.  Another rule of thumb is anywhere from 10-12 pt. font.

  2. Can I use experiences from a transfer institution?

    The answer is YES.  The experience a transfer student has should somewhat mirror the time spent at each institution, including their time here at UW-Madison.  For example, if a transfer student spent three semesters at their non-Madison college and this is their first semester at UW-Madison, they might have quite a few past experiences and only one or two Madison experiences (and vice versa).  If at all possible, however, keep in mind that UW-Madison experience is seen as paramount in comparison to high school or other institutions, so focus on UW-Madison if you can.

  3. Which address should I use?

    You will always use your current address you are residing at.  This means for most of you your UW-Madison residence hall or apartment address.

  4. What about optional sections?

    Optional sections are optional for an obvious reason: they are not mandatory.  Only if you have pertinent and applicable information should you include an optional section on your resume.  Don’t add the optional section because you think the committee wants you to. This could be counterproductive and damaging to your resume review.

    Examples of optional sections:
    • Skills (both language and computer)
    • Computer Skills
    • Language Skills
    • Global Profile
    • Interests
    • VEE Courses and/or Exams (Actuarial Students only!)
  5. Can I have my document reviewed?

    You may have your documents reviewed by anyone other than staff and faculty in the School of Business.  Business School faculty and staff are forbidden from reviewing the materials, including the Business Career Center.

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