Friday, February 10, 2012 myBiz Blog
Campus Job Opportunity: Student Intern Auditor by Tena Madison

UW-Madison Internal Audit is looking for a student intern auditor. Are you the one?

This position will put your accounting and auditing education to practical use and has been a useful experience for past audit interns. The opportunity spans multiple semesters and summers.  The work hours are flexible to accommodate course schedule.

The Right Candidate

If you are interested in internal auditing, are an accounting or finance major, able to work during the summer, and completed AIS 301 (intermediate accounting course) then check out this position. You’ll need to take a short test to demonstrate written and verbal communication skills as part of the application and interview.

Eligibility Requirements

You’ll need to maintain student status during the term of employment (minimum of 6 credits) as well as a minimum 2.50 cumulative grade point average at the time of application and at the start of the appointment. Eligibitlity will also require you to be in good standing with the University (not on academic or non academic probation). International students must possess a visa classification that allows them to hold a job on Campus. Employment will require a criminal background check.

To view more information about this position and apply, please visit the student UW Student Job Center’s website.