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Top 10 BBA Admissions Resume tips – Let us help you! by Kelly Cuene
CORRECTION FROM LAST WEEK: Your BBA Application is due on March 30 at 4:30pm

Here are the top ten BBA admissions resume tips we have for you:

  1. One page – No resume should ever be over one page, only one page will be reviewed by admissions.
  2.  PDF document – Save your resume as a PDF before you upload it to your application to guarantee no formatting issues.
  3. Be truthful about your experience - Any information you volunteer on your resume has the ability to be cross-referenced by the admissions reviewer.  Make sure to be ethical, honest, and professional.
  4. Be cautious when using templates – Some forms of resume templates are not reliable and should not be used for just any type of resume.  Please refer to the admissions website for more information regarding how your resume should be set up:
  5. Pay attention to formatting and spacing – Make sure your resume is clean and easy to read.
  6. Use action verbs – The beginning of all of your bullet points describing your experiences should be started with an action verb in the correct tense. 
  7. Avoid abbreviations – Abbreviating words such as street and University of Wisconsin – Madison can be viewed as unprofessional, take the time to write out these words. 
  8. Have others proofread and provide feedback – It is often very simple to miss a mistake in your resume when proofreading it yourself; give your friends and/or family the resources provided to you and ask them to proofread your resume
  9. Use the resources provided here and online – The admissions committee understands that many of you might not yet have a resume; we have provided plenty of resources for you!  Make sure you read the past BBA Admissions Resume myBiz posts and check the myBiz calendar for Admissions 101 sessions and the Wisconsin BBA Admissions: Resume workshops.  The times and dates for the Resume workshops are provided at the bottom of this post!
  10. Start early – The recommended time to start your resume and application is NOW!  You need plenty of time to proofread and update your resume throughout the semester – so start soon.
Be sure to attend the Wisconsin BBA Admissions: Resume Workshop!
  • February 2, 6-7pm
  • February 13, 7-8pm
  • February 28, 5-6pm
  • March 14, 5:30-6:30pm

Check TIGH for room locations!