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Morgride Center Update by Kelly Cuene

The Morgridge Center is UW-Madison’s center for public service – connecting students, faculty and academic staff with nonprofits and the community through volunteerism, service-learning and community-based research.  Check back each week for great service opportunities you can get involved in.

Registration for Badger Volunteers!

There’s still time to join the most popular service program on campus: Badger Volunteers!  Badger Volunteers is a semester-long program that gives students the training and logistical support they need to provide meaningful and consistent service to the Madison community. Teams of UW-Madison students, organized by a student leader, serve community partners on a weekly basis for an entire semester.

Badger Volunteers is a great way to make friends while making a difference in the community. You can even choose a site based on your personal schedule or area of interest, but spots are filling up fast! Currently, these Badger Volunteer sites are open and looking for energetic volunteers:

  • Wheelchair Recycyling program
  • Schools of Hope-Wright
  • Goodman Community Center
  • MSCR-Glendale
  • MSCR-Lowell
  • Omega Schools
  • Salvation Army Community Center
  • Schools of Hope -East
  • Schools of Hope -Jefferson
  • Schools of Hope -Lafollette
  • Schools of Hope -Memorial
  • Schools of Hope -Sennett
  • Schools of Hope -Toki
  • Schools of Hope -West
  • Schools of Hope -Whitehorse
  • South Madison Coaltion for the Elderlyv
  • UW Arboretum
  • West High Literacy Center
  • West High Tutoring Center
  • YWCA-Found in Translation

Remember, registration ends Friday, February 3. Check out our website if you're interested in registering or want to learn more.

Meet with a Peer Advisor

If Badger Volunteers doesn’t have a site you’re interested in, or you’re looking for a more specialized volunteer opportunity, the Morgridge Center offers peer-advising to assist you in finding a program that matches your interest.



If you would like to learn about the various opportunities available through the Morgridge Center or guidance about which opportunity is right for you, then schedule an appointment with our peer advisors. Students must fill out the online request form available on our Website

Drop-In Advising

Stop in the Morgridge Center during drop-in advising hours to meet with peer advisors. The advising staff can assist in finding the right non-profit agency and local, national or international volunteer opportunity to meet your needs.

Drop in hours are currently scheduled on:

  • Mondays: 1:20pm-3:20pm
  • Tuesdays: 12:50pm-2:20pm
  • Wednesdays: 3:30pm-5:00pm
  • Thursdays: 12:50pm-2:20pm
  • Fridays: 1:30pm-4:15pm

If you need further assistance about how to find a volunteer opportunity, email us at