Wednesday, January 18, 2012 myBiz Blog
Ask Bucky About BBA Admissions by Jeff Sawyer
What is a resume and why is it important for admissions and in the business world?

As a pre-business student, the admissions process is all about finding ways to show how you set yourself apart from others.  Admissions is a competitive process where the finest students are competing against each other for a limited amount of space.  Much like the real world, you will apply for a job against hundreds of other applicants looking to market yourself as the best candidate for that position.  These situations will continue throughout your professional life, and there is only one document used to convey the achievements and experiences you have had that prove you to be the right candidate for the spot: your resume.

A resume acts as the first impression between you and the admissions committee, or you and your future employer.  For this reason, it is beneficial for this resume to be polished, well-reviewed, and an accurate representation of your greatest achievements.  This resume includes your contact information, education, experience and activities, and other optional items such as your skills or global profile.