Thursday, September 22, 2011 myBiz Blog
Internship or job searching? BuckyNet deadlines are approaching! by sbarber

This is a friendly reminder from the BCC that employers will be here for on-campus interviews  soon.  On-campus interviewing officially begins October 3, and a few companies will even start interviewing students this week for internships and full-time job opportunities.  Many resume submission deadlines are quickly approaching (a few have already passed) so log into BuckyNet and apply for positions of interest soon.

Not familiar with on-campus interviews (OCI)? On-campus interviews provide students with the opportunity to connect with employers who visit campus to interview for their internship and full-time positions.  Nearly 400 employers choose to visit the UW-Madison campus to recruit business students each year. BuckyNet is your primary tool for learning about on-campus recruiting activities and applying for actual opportunities.

Basically you get to participate in first-round interviews for internships and full-time jobs without leaving campus!  Each semester, local, national and international employers conduct on-campus interviews with students in the BCC Interview Suite in 3290 Grainger.  Although on-campus interviews take place throughout the fall and spring semester, over half are conducted during the fall semester.

Have an interview or two already lined up? First of all, congratulations!  Second, make sure you go into any interview fully prepared.  You should spend 2-8 hours preparing for each interview you schedule.  Check out the BCC's interview resources on our website and plan to attend the Build Your Interview Toolkit Workshop!