Thursday, September 22, 2011 myBiz Blog
Case Interview Workshop by sbarber

Case interviews are  common in the field of consulting and some finance firms have implemented case questions into their interviews.  What are sample case interview questions?  Not sure how you'd handle case interviews?  Get an introduction to this unique interview style at the BCC Case Interview Workshop on Friday, September 30 from 1:00-2:15 p.m.

Sample Case Questions

  • Our client is considering the development/launch of a new product.  How should we think about this decision?
  • A bank discovers that its customer turnover is 15% higher than the industry average.  Why?
  • What is the U.S. market for tennis balls?
Case Interview Workshop Presented by Bain & Company Friday, September 30 1:00-2:15 p.m. 5120 Grainger Hall Light refreshments will be provided

Questions?  Contact Sarah Barber at