Thursday, September 22, 2011 myBiz Blog
Bucky's Career Corner: What Career Options Do I Have? by Kelly Cuene

A few weeks ago we talked about how to conduct personal assessment in order to figure out which careers might be a good fit. This week we're going to review some resources to help you learn more about potential career paths that are associated with your major or interests.

It is difficult to make a decision about which career path you should  follow without doing some homework, first. Students need to figure out what their options are and what it's like to work in different industries to be able to match that against their strengths, skills, values and work priorities. Some resources to take advantage of:

  • Vault Guides & WetFeet Guides. Vault and Wet Feet produce industry and employer guides that go into great detail about certain career paths in particular industries. The guides provide an overview of a typical day-in-the-life of different entry-level jobs, skills needed, how to break into the industry and lists some of the major employers for each. Students interested in finance careers should also check out the Wall Street Oasis website. Links to the Vault and Wet Feet guides and Wall Street Oasis can be found on the homepage of BuckyNet and are free to business students.
  • Employer Information Sessions. These information sessions are presented by an employer and are full of information about job duties, company culture, industry norms and recruiting advice. Even if you're not ready to apply for a company's internship or full-time position, attending an information session can be helpful to learn more about different career paths. Check the "Events" tab in BuckyNet for a list of Information Sessions.
  • Outreach to Badger alumni. One of the best sources of on-the-job information are the people who currently do the job you may someday want. Check out the WAA and the Business Alumni directories as well as LinkedIn to identify alumni and then ask alumni if you can conduct an informational interview to learn more about their career path.
  • BCC Sophomore Shadow program. Admitted business sophomores should check out the Sophomore Shadow program. Participants travel to a company to learn more about the job opportunities and meet with Badger alumni. A great way to learn a lot about different career options!
  • Read industry news. Find a professional organization associated with your career interests - they usually have events and publications regarding the field. Also, tons of industries have publications and websites/blogs you can read to get insider information about the career paths within that field. Make a point to read some of these on a regular basis. Just keeping up on general business news will help you start to get a sense of different career options.
Next week in Bucky's Career Corner, we'll tackle those assessments that many employers ask you to take and what they mean for your application. Also, be sure to check out the BCC events coming up this week:

Build Your Interview Toolkit Monday, September 26 @4:30-5:45

BCC Sophomore Shadow Information session Tuesday, September 27 @ 4:30-5:30

Case Interview Workshop Presented by Bain & Company Friday, September 30 @ 1:00-2:15

Check Today in Grainger Hall for room locations.