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Reminder New Business Students: Activate Your BuckyNet Account by Kelly Cuene

New business students are required to register with the BCC by setting up a BuckyNet account. BuckyNet is the online job board and on-campus recruiting software used to post internships, full-time jobs and other electronic resources you can use for career exploration and job searching. If you had a BuckyNet account prior to your admission to the school of business you need to make sure your account is updated.

All new business students must complete their BuckyNet account registration by Friday, September 30 to avoid a hold being placed on their spring course registration. To set up your account, you will need to complete the following:

1. Go to the BuckyNet log-in page and log-in using the user name and password that was emailed to you. Forgot your password? Go to the BuckyNet log-in page and click on the red "Forgot Password" link to have it re-sent.

2. Once you are logged in, click on the red "Profile" section and complete the following three sections of the Profile: Personal, Academic and Registration Contract. A few notes regarding the Profile:

  • If you are unsure of your major, graduation date or other academic information at this time, enter your best guess at this point. You can update this information whenever you want.
  • Be sure you read, understand and date the Registration Contract. You are agreeing to abide by these policies and will be held accountable. Be sure you understand the Late Cancellation/Interview No-Show Policy. Students who do not show up for on-campus interviews may lose their BuckyNet/BCC privileges.
3. Click on the red "Documents" section. All students are required to upload a current resume. Click on "Add New" to upload your Word or pdf document. You can edit, change and update this document at any time. (You can view resumes samples here.)

If you have questions about your resume or would like to discuss it with a BCC advisor please stop in the BCC during drop-in hours.

Once you have completed the three steps above your BuckyNet account will be unblocked and ready to use. You should receive an email within 1 business day letting you know you have completed all the steps.

If you have BuckyNet questions, check out the video guide here and the BuckyNet FAQs here.

New business students need to complete the three steps above by Friday, September 30!