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Attention Pre-Business Transfer Students: Tips from a Newly Admitted Transfer Business Student by mpaulson

Transfer students bring many varying experiences to UW-Madison.  Starting today, you will be able to find myBiz posts that are specifically written  by and for transfer students!  I am Megan Paulson, the transfer academic advisor in the Wisconsin School of Business Undergraduate Academic Services office and  I am happy to share with you a few valuable words of advice from Rose, a newly admitted Wisconsin BBA student with whom I have worked over the past year as a pre-business transfer student.  Please feel free to comment on her post or contact me with ideas for future transfer posts:  Let us know what you want to read more about!

Hey! My name is Rose Lane, and I am a transfer student who has been accepted to the Wisconsin School of Business for fall 2011. I transferred to UW-Madison in the fall of 2010 and applied to the Wisconsin BBA program during the spring of 2011. Here are some tips I learned throughout my time as a pre-business student.

1. Read myBiz.

2. Don’t be afraid to go into Grainger Hall, home of the Wisconsin the School of Business, even if you haven’t applied yet or weren’t accepted your first time. Literally, GO IN the building! Eat at the Capital Café, do homework in the library, say “Hi” to people in the hallway. You belong there, and the more comfortable you feel in Grainger Hall, the more comfortable you will feel getting involved with the Wisconsin BBA program. Which is point #3.

3. Get involved in business organizations. The Wisconsin Bachelor of Business Administration Student Government (BBA Gov) has a Pre-Business Representative position. If you are thinking about applying to the School, you are pre-business (even as a transfer student)! Almost all of the other student organizations, all that I know of, welcome pre-business students with open arms. Also, don’t just go to the meetings, volunteer to do something. Then write about that on your application!

4. Take charge of your education and your application. If you want to graduate on time once you are accepted, start planning now. Look at the Business Core requirements and also peruse through majors and their requirements On a side note, your intended major doesn’t affect your chances of getting admitted to the Wisconsin BBA program, so do what really interests you. Also, your advisor is very important. Know his or her name and e-mail address in case you have any questions. Though they are happy to help you set up your classes, you are more than capable of doing this on your own. If you want Fridays off or no classes before 11:00 a.m., I recommend you take matters into your own hands (I’ve had great success with scheduling thus far, and I take full credit for it).

5. Use your resources. Do you know what the Business Learning Center is? How about the Business Career Center? Have you been there? Did you know you are able to set up a BuckyNet account even if you aren’t accepted to the Wisconsin School of Business yet? If you don’t know what BuckyNet is, go to the BCC immediately! The BCC will provide feedback on your résumé as a pre-business or admitted business or Certificate in Business student. Always have an updated résumé. Also, check out the career fair, even if you aren’t in the market for a full-time job or internship yet! You’ll get to see what it’s all about and just observe what other students are doing. You’ll see both good and bad approaches.

6. The most important thing to do: focus on academics. Make your grades your number one priority. Pre-business classes can be challenging, yet they prepare you for classes within the Wisconsin School of Business. Find a good study spot, make study buddy friends, and find someone in each of your classes to exchange phone numbers with. You never know when you’ll need to send a quick text asking an urgent question. You are at the University of Wisconsin-Madison because you are an exceptional student; let your grades show that!

Overall, know that you can do this. Reach out for help when you need it, and believe in yourself.