Thursday, August 18, 2011 myBiz Blog
Actuarial Science Majors: New Review Course for Exam MFE! by Katie Coon

The actuarial program is introducing a new, 1-credit "review" class for exam MFE. This is RMI 365, Lecture 2, that will meet on Thursdays 4-6pm.

The pre-reqs for this class are AS 303 and AS 300. It is not really review in that it will not presuppose material from FIN 330, a class that is also helpful for exam MFE.

The instructor will be an alum of our program Brian Mullen, BRIAN.MULLEN@CUNAMUTUAL.COM. Brian is an FCAS, ASA, and is Director, Payment Protection Pricing, at CUNA Mutual Group.

For your planning purposes, we will also offer the course in the Spring, 2012.

The required reading material for the course is the "ASM MFE Study Manual for the Exam MFE/3F, 9th Edition." The University Bookstore will not carry this but you may order it online through the website, We also have four copies of this manual in the Business Library.

Prior to registration week, if you have questions about the course you may direct them Prof. Jed Frees at or the Department Chair, Mark Browne, After the semester starts, Brian can help with your questions.