Thursday, July 7, 2011 myBiz Blog
Riding the Madison Metro just got easier! by Katie Coon

You can now use Google Maps Trip Planner to get detailed bus trip itineraries, street views of stops and transfer points and riding information in multiple languages.

Simply enter departure time and desired departure time (or arrival time at destination) at destination and trip planner will provide 3 options, showing the amount of time and number of transfers for each option. Then choose the most convenient trip.

Google Maps provides walking directions, so you can find out exactly how to get to the nearest Metro stop or transfer point and how to get to your destination once leaving the bus.

Trip planning information is easily accessible on mobile devices such as iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, S60, and other Java enabled phones.

Type on your mobile device browser.

Google Maps offers street view ground-level images of your origin and destination. This allows riders to preview a bus stop or transfer point and see where it is on the street, whether there is a covered shelter or bench, or where exactly the stop is located in relation to a business or home address.

Remember, all UW-Madison students are entitled to a bus pass. Fall Semester passes will be available on Monday, August 29th. You must present a valid WisCard (UW ID) or you will not be given a pass.

Source:  City of Madison Metro Transit