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25 things every college student should do before graduation (from Debt-free Scholar) by Katie Coon

Whether you're a college freshman or a graduating senior, there are several things that all students should do to make the most out of their college education and prepare for life post-UW.  Think of this list (from Debt-free Scholar) as your college bucket list.  How many items do YOU want to be able to cross off?


1. Keep a Budget – Design your own budget and follow it.

2. Win a Scholarship – Work hard enough to win at least one scholarship.

3. Start a Savings Account – Learn to start saving your money.

4. File Your Own Tax Return – It is long and hard, but filing your own taxes is a part of becoming an adult.


5. Get To Know Your Professors – Don’t just attend their classes, invite them out to lunch.

6. Learn a Foreign Language – In our increasingly-international world, this is a very important skill.

7. Learn To Study – If you learn how to learn, you know more than most people.

8. Ask Questions In Class – Don’t be afraid to ask useful questions in class – it will help you and your fellow students.

9. Tutor Another Student – Teaching another student will help you learn better.

Career Building

10. Write a Resume – This will help you find a good job after school.

11. Start a Website – Though not for everyone, a good website can set you apart in your field.

12. Find a Mentor – In your freshman year, find a mentor who is well established in your chosen field.

13. Complete an Internship – This will help you gain valuable experience not found in books.

14. Build a Network – You will be able to find a job much faster with a large network.


15. Create Yearly Goal Lists – This will help you to accomplish more.

16. Develop a Daily Routine – Having a daily schedule will make you more effective.

17. Build a Five Year Plan – Know where you want to go and how you want to get there.


18. Practice Public Speaking – In nearly any career field, good speaking skills will help you advance.

19. Learn To Write – This skill is just as important as speaking.

20. Write an Article for Your Campus Paper – This will help you hone your writing skills.


21. Cook From Scratch – Learn to cook something other than Ramon noodles.

22. Establish a Workout Routine – Keep your body healthy, and you will be able to accomplish much more.


23. Read Biographies – Learn from the successes and failures of others. I have a goal of reading 50 this year.

24. Find a Hobby – Something that you enjoy doing in your spare time. Mine is blogging.

25. Go Camping – Every person should do this at least once.


What would you add to the list as a UW-Madison student?