Thursday, April 7, 2011 myBiz Blog
Tell Us About Your Summer 2011 Internship Plans! by Kelly Cuene

If you have plans to intern this summer, the BCC wants to know! We ask all business students to report their internship plans in BuckyNet. Just click on the Profile tab and then click on the button that says "Post-Graduation/Internship Plans". Click on "Add New", fill out the first three sections of the form and click "Submit". Easy!



All reported information is confidential and is only shared in aggregate form. It doesn't matter if you got your internship by using BCC resources or not. Either way, we would like to know what you'll be doing this summer. 

Why do we ask for this information? One reason, is that we frequently get requests from other students about who interned at specific organizations or in various cities and what they should expect in terms of pay. Reporting your information helps BCC advisors help other students.

Another, is that the BCC reports internship placement and salary information to various external publications and constituents, such as Business Week, prospective students and their families, and employers.

Reporting your internship information helps us create and maintain a strong Wisconsin BBA program, which benefits everyone. Log-in to BuckyNet today and report your internship plans!