Tuesday, April 12, 2011 myBiz Blog
What you think- BBA Survey Results! by Belle Lin

Fellow Wisconsin BBA students:

As you may recall, a few weeks ago the BBA Program administered a survey asking us to give feedback and gauge our overall satisfaction with the program and the resources/partnerships available to us. This year, over 20% of us took time out of our busy job hunting, class, and extracurricular schedules to participate. Our feedback is what ensures the program keeps improving and moving forward year after year.

The main purpose behind the survey was for BBA faculty, staff, and administration to figure out which areas of the program we like and respond well to (strengths) and which areas we’d like to see improvements and changes in (areas of opportunity).

Based on the results, we overwhelmingly gave the program high marks! Much of the positive feedback related to curricular, leadership, and professional opportunities within the Wisconsin BBA Program - many of which we take advantage of every day. Along with the goal of continuous improvement, the survey also highlighted some key areas of opportunity BBA staff will address as the program moves forward.

A summary of this year’s 2010-2011 survey results can be found here.

This year, the BBA Program gave all of us who completed the survey an instant 20% off coupon to the University Bookstore. An additional $25 Capital Café gift card was also raffled off. This year’s winner was William Halbach. Congratulations!

If you didn’t get a chance to finish or complete the survey, or would like to provide additional ideas and feedback, feel free to comment on myBiz or reach out to any BBA program faculty or staff. As a student in the Wisconsin BBA Program, I feel proud to know my peers are committed to excellence in the Wisconsin School of Business. Good luck on your upcoming finals and happy studying!

Best regards, Belle