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How Student Orgs Can Use myBiz by Carly Miller

Learn how myBiz can help YOUR student org: recruit new members, advertise events, find events for collaboration
What is myBiz?
myBiz is an excellent medium to promote your organization and its activities. It is the one stop shop on the web for Wisconsin School of Business students to find out what is happening, and it is the perfect place for them to learn about your organization’s offerings. All business and pre-business students are emailed the myBiz Weekly Digest, and students frequently check the online blog for information relevant to them.
How can I use myBiz?
You can use the myBiz calendar to list the date, time, and description of school wide events your organization hosts, such as a kickoff meeting.
How do I Submit an Event to the myBiz Calendar?
1. Go to and select "Submit an Event" (upper right corner).

2. Fill out the event information. Be sure to check the box next to "Undergraduate Students" (the last box). This will sync the event to the calendar on myBiz. Also check the box next to “Student Organizations”.

3. Complete the event submission at least 2 days in advance of your event.

4. If you need to modify event details, submit the event again, but be sure to include “REVISED” in the title of the event (this will not be posted online, it is only used to notify the person approving event submissions that event details have changed).

If you have questions about posting an event, try watching this Video of posting an event to the myBiz Calendar.
If you have a school-wide event that has a special story such as a distinguished speaker or community service drive in the atrium, you can submit a post to Please note that if you want your post included in the Weekly Digest that is sent out on Sunday night, the post must be submitted by noon the Thursday before.
Sample Email For Submitting a Post To:

Subject:  myBiz Post: A New BBA Tradition

Hello Communications Committee,

Here is a post from BBA Gov:

A New BBA Tradition: Be One of the First

In order to build community within the Wisconsin School of Business, the BBA Gov is launching a T-shirt Tradition. On the first of each month, starting this upcoming TUESDAY February 1st, please wear your black “I AM Wisconsin School of Business” T-shirts to Grainger! We hope this fun celebration of our BBA Community will continue far after we graduate.

Besides the bragging rights of being part of the first day of the new tradition, wear your shirt for the chance at a prize!

BBA Gov members will be in the atrium throughout the day handing out prizes to students who are wearing their t-shirts and also selling t-shirts to students who do not already have one for only $5! Also, from now until Friday February 4th you will be able to purchase the t-shirts in the ALC.

Also, I have two images attached to this email that I would like included in the post.

Thank you,

Carly Miller

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