Wednesday, March 2, 2011 myBiz Blog
Hire Me! Job Search Tips by Kelly Cuene

Did you miss last week's job search seminar? Here's a summary of job and internship search tips for students seeking summer or full-time employment...

1. Do some self-assessment first: Before you begin searching, make sure you consider your strengths, interests and values so you can use those as criteria when evaluating potential opportunities. When conducting a job search, it is critical you know what you uniquely have to offer an employer and you are able to articulate your value to an organization.

2. Develop a job target: Determine the job function you want to do, in what industry you want to do it and which geographic location appeals to you most. Make sure your job target is aligned with the strengths, interests and values you outlined in step one. Many candidates say they'll "do anything" but in reality, they won't. Everyone has preferences. Make sure you know what yours are and if necessary, put together an ideal job target and a plan B and C.

3. Look for posted opportunities: In addition to BuckyNet, check out sites like,, and job boards designed for specific industries. For internships, also check out Intern Queen, One Day, One Internship, or Positions that are advertised online are great and may lead to a job or internship, but only about 30% of your time and efforts should  be spent looking at online job boards.

4. Cultivate professional relationships: Relationship-building is where a job seeker should spend the bulk of their time and energy. Most job opportunities are never advertised. Job seekers need to be conducting outreach to people in their network (yes, you have a network). This could be your friends' parents, parents' friends, alumni, faculty, advisors, past supervisors, co-workers and other contacts.

Do not ask contacts for a job or internship. Develop rapport first and ask for advice and information about your job target(s). Alumni are a great resource, so be sure to check out the Wisconsin Alumni Association directory for contact information and then schedule some informational interviews.

This step is one of the most important, so approach it with a focused networking plan: Brainstorm contacts, develop a system to keep track of your outreach and follow-up steps, make initial email contact, schedule an informational meeting and then follow-up with a thank you and keep in touch as appropriate. Check out these additional networking resources:

Successful Job Search Networking Key Networking Resources for Job Seekers Video: Importance of Networking

5. Use social media to assist with your search: LinkedIn is an excellent resource for job postings as well as finding networking contacts and company information. Check out the LinkedIn Learning Center to find out more about this resource or view the LinkedIn videos that are on the BuckyNet homepage (Jibber Jobber link).

Have questions about your job or internship search? Stop in the Business Career Center to set up an appointment with a career advisor.