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Wisconsin BBA Major Spotlight: Information Systems by Kelly Cuene

The Information Systems major focuses on combining hardware, software, infrastructure and trained personnel to facilitate planning, control, coordination and decision-making. It deals with the collection, storage, and analysis of information and data for decision-making purposes. 

Required courses for major: http://ww.bus.wisc.edu/undergrad/majors/infosys.asp

Possible Career Paths:

Business Analyst

  • Examines business processes, requirements, problems and opportunities in order to design improved products/services
  • Assists clients in utilizing technology to manage information, data, and operations more efficiently
Systems Analysis & Design
  • Evaluates new or modified programs to determine feasibility, costs, time requirements, compatibility with current systems and computer capabilities
Project Lead/Manager
  • Manages projects simultaneously while playing active role in business analysis
Information Systems Student Organizations Association of Information System Professionals National Organization for Business and Engineering

Business Student Testimonials

“Effective Information Systems Management improves the efficiency and productivity of a company and its operations. IS major potentially combines with a wide range of other majors, because it is essential to many businesses, especially larger corporations. I enjoy this major because there are so many applications and tools you could learn that’s applied to pretty much all areas in business, which turns out to be a great advantage in job hunting. Our department advisors and professors are very experienced in the field and provide valuable advice.”

Wei Wen Information Systems, December 2011 

Want to learn more?

View the Information Systems Academic and Career Essentials PowerPoint (pdf)

Information Systems majors: Share with us!

  • Why did you choose your major?
  • What interests you most about Information Systems?
  • What questions do you have about Information Systems?
This post is part of a series of myBiz posts highlighting the different business majors to help pre-business and business students learn about their academic and career options. Later this week we'll spotlight our last major, Operations & Technology Management. Stay tuned!