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Wisconsin BBA Major Spotlight: Marketing by Kelly Cuene

Marketing deals with the creating and delivering of customer value through decisions about product and service offerings. The four P’s that marketers focus on are Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Career options in marketing fall within the four P’s. 

Required courses for major:

Possible Career Paths:


  • Retail Corporate
    • Maintain professional partnerships with buyers and vendors to achieve optimal inventory level
  • Retail Stores
    • Manage all aspects of the store, team members, logistics, human resources, and sales floor
Business Development
  • Creating and executing business plans together with establishing a consultative relationship with other businesses and/or customers, selling and implementing sales promotions
Marketing Research
  • Discovering what people want, need, or believe to determine how to market a product or service
Brand/Product Management
  • Develop a strategic direction for a brand based on what consumers want
  • Attempt to persuade or inform potential customers to purchase more of a particular brand of product or service
Supply Chain Management
  • Facilitate movement of products, services, and information along the value chain
Events Management
  • Identify target audience, devise event concept, plan logistics and coordinate technical aspects before executing an event
Social Media
  • Engage online communities to generate exposure, opportunity, and sales 
Marketing Student Organizations Mu Kapp Tau, Professional Honorary Marketing Society Advertising Club Retail Club

Business Student Testimonials

“I chose Marketing as my major because the field is so dynamic—it is constantly changing and growing. This means that the opportunities and depth of areas that you can go into are just as fluid. In addition, these new opportunities allow you to constantly be learning and developing as a marketer.”

  • Explore as many areas within Marketing as you can so that you can learn the most about the field.
  • Don’t think of Marketing as just a career or education—you will need to market yourself to potential employers and many others down the road. Marketing is a skill.
  • Find ways to complement your Marketing education with extracurricular activities. These opportunities are some of the best ways to learn Marketing.
  • Keep up on the recent trends in the Marketing industry—especially Digital Technologies. As a marketer, you will be utilizing these.
  • Practice public speaking so that you can become more and more comfortable with it. Communication skills are vital as a marketer."
Kelsey Sweeney Marketing, December 2010

“My sophomore year, I switched my prospective major from psychology to marketing because I found UW’s marketing program to be fascinating and extremely relevant in today’s business climate. Attaining a major in marketing has equipped me with critical skills pertinent to any career path as well as an educated perspective on diverse business-related fields, such as supply chain management, effective communication, and product and brand development.

The marketing major initially appealed to me because it provided a way to balance my left- and right-brain interests and abilities. I was passionate about communication and the meaningful role brands play in the daily lives of consumers, but sought to improve my analytical skills and acquire a better understanding of consumer behavior and motivation. I liked that marketing was a more creative business area that linked companies and consumers, while still driving financial returns and bottom-line results.

UW’s marketing classes continually kept me engaged and interested through active class discussions and the incorporation of real-life business case studies and relevant contemporary topics, such as the influence of technological advances and emerging markets on today’s marketing. Also, I found the resources offered through the School of Business such as the Business Career Center and Business Learning Center to be second-to-none and fundamental to my academic and professional development. I recommend the marketing major for students seeking insight into how businesses and consumers interact, collaborate and communicate in the marketplace, as well as the supporting research methodology and analytics.

With the broad skill set fostered through the marketing program, marketing majors are equipped to pursue a wide range of career opportunities.”

Tiffany Pohle Marketing, May 2011

“I chose to study marketing because I was able to learn and apply not only soft skills like better understanding people, but analytical skills, as well. I have had the opportunity to take many courses that span the breadth of marketing, which has helped me decide on what marketing career paths are most appealing to me.”

Tips for Marketing Majors:

1. Take a variety of elective courses, even if you intend on focusing on a specific field of marketing, such as advertising.� 2.  Understand how you best work in groups and what role you tend to take in a group project.� 3.  Keep materials you find most relevant from each course.� 4.  Take advantage of office hours. 5.  Participate in extra projects and case competitions offered through the business school, these are great opportunities for you to apply classroom knowledge and network with companies.� 6.  Use extra Wisconsin School of Business resources such as the Business Career Center to gain exposure with various marketing companies."

Samantha Johnson Marketing, May 2011 

“As a high school student, I could not have told you what Marketing was, but it was my interest in people that really drew me to the concentration. Understanding people and what influences their behavior has always fascinated me, and Marketing provided the perfect balance between economics and psychology. What I have most enjoyed about the major is how applicable it is to a variety of fields and how relevant it is to my everyday life.  

As for advice that I would give to Marketing majors, I would say to really take advantage of breadth requirements! The business core requirements and curriculum provide the groundwork to understanding the business world, but there are so many classes that can complement the education you receive within the School of Business and give you a step ahead in looking at your life post-graduation.” 

Whitney Bauer Marketing, December 2010 

Want to learn more?

View the Marketing Academic and Career Essentials PowerPoint (pdf)

 Marketing majors: Share with us!

  • Why did you choose your major?
  • What interests you most about Marketing?
  • What questions do you have about Marketing?
This post is part of a series of myBiz posts highlighting the different business majors to help pre-business and business students learn about their academic and career options. Next week we will spotlight the Information Systems and Operations & Technology Management majors. Stay tuned!