Wednesday, February 16, 2011 myBiz Blog
Morgridge Center Update by Katie Coon

Looking for ways to get involved on campus?  The Morgridge Center offers a variety of service and volunteer opportunities.  New this week: an opportunity to be a marketing volunteer for the Center for Families and an opportunity to be a Schools of Hope tutor.

Marketing Volunteer Needed for the Center for Families

Center for Families is a welcoming organization with multiple resources that partners with parents in their efforts to nurture, protect and teach their children. The center offers programs that enhance parenting skills, promote understanding of child development and child safety.

Currently, Center for Families is looking for volunteers to put together a press packet of materials related to National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month, which takes place in April. The packet should have information on abuse and neglect and statistics from the city, state and country along with any other pertinent info. Volunteers will be offered office space, or are welcome to conduct research elsewhere.

If interested contact Liz Kober at (608) 729-1146 or via e-mail. More information on Center for Families can be found on their website or at

Become a Schools of Hope Tutor

The Schools of Hope tutoring program is seeking thoughtful college students to tutor in Madison-area middle and high schools.

Schools of Hope is a program which aims to address the gap in academic achievement between students of color and their white peers.  Wisconsin currently has the largest achievement gap in the country resulting in a serious need to provide students with extra support.

As a volunteer you have the opportunity to tutor weekly at one of 17 schools. Volunteers can choose when, where, and what grade they want to tutor.  Tutor trainings are provided along with on-going support from volunteer coordinators located at each site.  Join the largest youth tutoring effort in Madison, become a Schools of Hope volunteer!

Visit the Morgridge Center site for more information on Schools of Hope.