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MHR Summer 2011 Internship Program by sbarber

MHR 365 is a course offered over the summer that combines the practical value of a "real world internship experience" with the knowledge and conceptual foundation in management and human resources provided by an academic course.

This course will be offered during the eight-week session starting in mid-June and running through the first week of August. There will not be a fixed meeting time for the class each week. The full class will meet a total of three times during the summer. These meetings will use a seminar format and will provide students with an opportunity to share and discuss their work experiences with each other as a group. Readings will be assigned for these meetings as well. These meetings will also include a dinner and social event for the class.

Why should I consider taking MHR 365 this summer?

  • Enhancing your professional orientation and savvy about real world organizations
  • The potential for your internship to lead to a full-time job offer
  • Acquiring new management knowledge and skills that will enhance your professional development
  • An opportunity to demonstrate what you can actually do in a real world context
  • A great line for the work experience section of your resume
  • Great preparation for behavioral and situational interview questions when you start applying for jobs
  • Developing close working relationships with an MHR professor and business professionals who can serve as contacts for job opportunities, provide job references, and write strong letters of recommendation needed to get into elite graduate school programs
  • An opportunity to design and execute an application project that can "make a real difference" in enhancing the effectiveness and success of a real world organization
  • An opportunity to develop strong working relationships with working professionals who may serve as job references and contacts for job opportunities after graduation
  • A fun learning experience in which you will make some close friends!
Questions? Learn more by reading the full course description.  You can also contact Loren Kuzuhara at