Tuesday, February 15, 2011 myBiz Blog
Build Your Resume, Get Involved with the Distinguished Lecture Series by sbarber

The Distinguished Lecture Series is looking for new members to join their committee. Several current members have gone abroad, taken on other leadership roles, etc., so they're currently at a skeleton crew and really need the help. A few things that are worth noting about them...

  • They have openings to fit almost any interest, like business administration, event logistics, budgeting, social (and regular) media, photography and video production.
  • Members get to consult students, faculty, staff, the community, and vote who gets nominated and selected to speak on campus.
  • Aside from the larger 1,300 person events, they host smaller, timely ones on current topics that interest students, we call Spotlight.  They still have significant funds remaining for this spring, but are lacking the student leadership to make these events happen. For example, if someone was interested in hosting a panel on the future of Egypt, they can do it.
For reference, here are the Facebook events they just created for their large, spring events, as well as past speakers they've hosted:



For more information, check out their flier: http://goo.gl/0w2Fd.  Questions?  Contact Tom Black at tblack2@wisc.edu.