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Wisconsin BBA Major Spotlight: Management & Human Resources by sbarber

The Management & Human Resources major offers three concentrations: Management, Human Resources and Entrepreneurship.  Students with a concentration in Management focus on the activities of management in organizations. Course material covers leadership, power, decision-making, organizational structure and change, strategy and policy, and the integration of organizational functions.  Students with a concentration in Human Resources study how organizations attract, motivate, develop, and retain employees, and how they interact with organizations representing employees.  A concentration in Entrepreneurship focuses on organizing activities utilized to bring new ideas to market.

Required Courses for Major

Possible Career Paths:


  • Work as project manager or management trainee to plan, organize, direct and control activities to achieve specific business objectives

Retail Corporate

  • Maintain professional partnership with buyers and vendors to achieve optimal inventory level
Retail Stores
  • Oversee all aspects of a a retail store including managing a large staff, handling logistics and promotion implementation, overseeing human resource issues, and managing sales floor
  • Assist companies and clients with improving efficiency and profitability by developing comprehensive, data-driven insights and answers that your clients don’t already know
Business Development
  • Create and execute business plans as well as establish a consultative relationship with customers to sell and implement sales promotions
Human Resources
  • Attain and maintain a highly qualified and motivated workforce while balancing company’s business requirements with individual employee needs
  • Start own or run-family businesses, manage new ventures within established organizations
MHR Student Organizations

AIESEC Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) Sigma Iota Epsilon (SIE) Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Student in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Wisconsin Consulting (WC)

Business Student Testimonials

"The challenging, project-oriented approach found in each MHR class I’ve taken has provided me with experiences that have furthered my professional development and will stay with me long after graduation.  It’s a thrill to be able to directly apply classroom concepts and consult with real-world organizations to help improve the people side of their businesses.  Not only have the projects allowed me to build friendships with fellow students and clients, but have even led to employment after the project's due date!"

Cory Hans MHR & Economics, May 2011

“The MHR major is great because it gives you a lot of background knowledge that will be useful in any Management or Human Resources career, while still allowing you to focus on an area of interest. The Human Resources track has great core classes as well as elective options that truly helped prepare me for my internship as a human resources generalist. The networking opportunities within the major are vast and have been invaluable to me in my internship and job search. If you are interested in a career in management, entrepreneurship or human resources, this major gives you the flexibility to take interesting classes while giving you the resources to help you excel in your career.”

Sena Shellenberger MHR & Psychology, December 2010

“The MHR courses genuinely prepared me for my first job after college. I feel like I was taught relevant information that made me a great candidate for any organization.”

Raymond McCurty-Smith MHR & Marketing, May 2011

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